Why Outsource in 2023 #1: Scale Safely

Although 2022 had its joys, it was also a year of uncertainty. The unsteady geopolitical climate, lingering effects from the pandemic, and economy in flux have left even the sturdiest among us slightly seasick.

Considering how to grow your business in the year ahead may feel daunting. How can you take steps to scale up safely during the continuing uncertainty?  

One answer is to consider outsourcing projects to freelancers. What freelancers have to offer companies is especially vital in 2023. This is the year to consider finding expert help to meet your business needs without a significant investment.

Freelancers are different than employees

This point may feel obvious, but it is a very important distinction. When you have a specific project to finish, outsourcing the work to a freelancer cuts out the hefty price of finding candidates and moving them through the hiring and training process.1 Skipping these steps is even more appealing with high employee turnover rates.

Freelancers don’t require the people who pay them to provide benefits, office space, or (often) equipment. Company swag is equally unnecessary but can be a fun incentive for freelancers (I enjoy sporting my beanie from a software company while dropping my son off at school). And freelancers working within their own company will not pose a threat to labor laws about who is an employee of your company.

Freelancers with experience in your niche will also have the background knowledge to jump right into a project. Since freelancers often have project-based work, learning quickly is a skill they’ve had to acquire—they know the questions to ask to get up to speed without wasting your time and money.

Fixed vs. variable costs

Unlike many business expenses, freelancers are not fixed costs. You can use freelancers as needed without having to provide constant work (unless otherwise stated by your contract). When work priorities switch, or marketing campaigns change direction, freelancers can lay low or rise to take on more work. Freelancers strive to keep a variety of clients so they can flex on demand.

Deciding to outsource

Before hiring a freelancer, consider your goals and resources. Do you have some projects to help you scale up but don’t want to commit to hiring another staff member? Freelancer. Do you have plans to publish web content regularly and the budget to pay staff to do it? List a position. Or hire someone and still consider outsourcing for additional content.

To ensure the freelancer you pick is right for your project and will deliver on their promises, take some time to review your prospect’s website and portfolio, and meet up personally or virtually. Besides cost, consider your prospect’s professional experience and personal compatibility.2 Since freelancers are a variable cost, you can decide not to hire them for a second project if they end up clashing with your company culture.

Consider outsourcing projects to freelancers for safer growth during uncertain times. Freelancers can help you scale up without hiring additional employees or committing to an extensive contract. We understand the complexity of workloads and can flex to accommodate changes. The most important benefit from a freelancer’s point of view is that we can do what we love (like writing) to free clients up to focus on what they love to do.  

[1]BPM team. Why outsourcing to freelancers is good for your business. Business Partner Magazine. https://businesspartnermagazine.com/outsourcing-freelancers-good-business/. Published November 11, 2022. Accessed December 13, 2022. 

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