Getting started

  • How do you charge?

We typically charge a fixed hourly rate.

We give generous estimates and try to stay under what we say the project will cost. We will keep you informed along the way, so you know if we run into an issue. No surprises!

  • What if I don’t know what I need?

We love meeting with people to discuss solutions to their communications challenges, even if they don’t have a specific project in mind.

This is especially helpful if you are considering starting a blog or social media presence to promote your business. Since we have experience with content strategy, we can lead you in the right direction in addition to writing content.

The work

  • I work in a very technical industry. Do I need to do my own research before handing off an assignment?

If you have specific sources that you want to be referenced in the content, we are happy to incorporate them.

However, we try to make projects as simple as possible for our clients. We typically handle both the research and the writing tasks.

  • What are the steps for a typical project?

Typical projects progress as follows: (1) Initial meeting to discuss projects (2) Submit a proposal (3) Research and write (4) Send you a rough draft (5) Revise and repeat as necessary (6) Publish final draft.

  • You are a team of two. Who handles my project?

While one of us is the project manager, we typically split pieces of the project and review each other’s work, so you’re getting a combination of perspectives and experience for the price of one!