What We Know for Sure

We believe collaboration stimulates conversation between colleagues and co-workers, between companies, markets and audiences, and between humans, generally. How we listen and engage with each other drives how we think about the world and our work.

Livingston Communication Inc. stands at the intersection between conversation and business. We provide marketing communication planning, development, and execution of strategies for medical device, manufacturing, and publishing industries.

Let’s Talk

About your communication goals, your audiences, and your obstacles. We love to brainstorm communication solutions that create interest and draw people together.

We create customized communication solutions, so the end product differs from client to client. We’ve spent lots of time here:

Medical device industry: from defibrillators to spine surgery to brain surgery to incontinence. We team with physicians and research staff to get projects done right.

Industrial copy with broad appeal: from printed circuit board screen printers to carbon fiber ovens to PowerPoint presentations for executives.

Creative writing: popularly-written articles for niche markets, ghost-writing, newspaper commentary, writing for audio, and scripting for video.

In the end, we strive to write strategic copy that is effective and human. We love words that help locate meaning in work.


3M, Abbott Northwestern Hospital/Minneapolis Heart Institute, AngioSlide, Augsburg Fortress Publishers, Bethel University, Boston Scientific, Carlson Companies, CSI, Despatch Industries, Disetronic, DSI, Empi, ev3, Endocardial Solutions. Flicker Creative, GN Resound, Honeywell, Impact Proven Solutions, JohnRyan, Kaleo Ranch, Kerker, Medtronic, Possis Medical, PreferredOne, Preventice, Quantitative Advantage, Redwood Philanthropy, St. Jude Medical, Split Rock Studios, Synergy Vacuum, United HealthCare

This Just In

Can you Tuborg Squash Your Big Idea?

Your didactic self wants to say everything, but you cannot, lest your audience walks away. But you can use words and images that evoke their story and the emotion you desire around your main message.

Why [Human] Voice Matters

Physically voiced words are often more compelling than those we read on a screen or a page. There is something about the human voice that says, “I’m here. I’m present.” As writers, we attempt to mimic the human voice as much as possible. The more our writing sounds like the human voice, the more invisible it becomes—and the more the message we want to portray gets across.

Helpful Content Goes Beyond Clickbait

Clickbait may attract readers, but it will not help build brands and generate loyal followings. Publishing helpful content, however, will. Helpful content, which adds new knowledge or synthesizes information in a new way, helps companies establish themselves in their arena, draw in experts, and leave readers wanting more.