Helpful Content Goes Beyond Clickbait

How content that adds to knowledge or synthesizes info in new ways builds brands

We’ve all read a blog post that looks promising on the search results page but turns out to be a dud. Clicking the link sends readers to cursory information, followed by a link to the company’s product or service. This kind of content (or lack thereof) turns potential customers away from engaging with companies.

How can companies be sure that doesn’t happen when publishing their content? The key is ensuring the content is helpful to your audience (rather than tricking them into reading your marketing copy). Give interested parties something tangible that will educate or help problem-solve, and they will be more likely to return

What is helpful content?

Helpful content either adds new knowledge or synthesizes information in a new way. For example, helpful content could be a review of a recent scientific study that neatly summarizes the research, bringing new insights to readers. Another example— an infographic that synthesizes complex information on industry regulations into an accessible diagram to help readers quickly understand that particular regulatory landscape. Helpful content effortlessly educates and gives tools to make readers’ work or life more manageable.

Draw in the experts

Another reason to publish helpful content is that it appeals to experts—current experts or people who may be very knowledgeable in a relatable field and are looking for something deep to ingest. When Livingston Communication distills complex information, our goal is readable content that hasn’t lost its value. We aim to write accessible yet authoritative content for smart people that further informs and educates. Publishing helpful content also lends companies’ credibility.

Taking the time to focus on what content gives readers versus simply how it pushes readers to a company’s products and services will pay off in terms of audience engagement and loyalty. Helpful content also establishes companies as authoritative voices in their space—drawing in experts. Let’s create links to content that impresses and informs instead of turning customers away.    

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