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Lower Your Weapons of Mass Reduction (Dummy’s Guide to Conversation #15)

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Put down your straw man. Back away slowly.

tumblr_mjmmu8wwkr1qbcporo1_1280-03142013To reduce someone else’s contribution to “just this” or “just that”—some single point—is usually more about getting ready to dismiss the point than it is actually hearing the person out. Reducing the complex to the simple is something our media is very eager to do, and something we Americans dearly desire. But over and again we do violence to our understanding, and more importantly, we do violence to our relationships with others when we force the complex into a box that we can understand.

Into a box we can easily shut.

We short-circuit relationship when we reduce this to that. It is a way of avoiding people and ideas that are different. It is a way of forcing people to be the same as us, even when they are quite different. And often we gather whatever personal power or social capital to shut out the dissenting voice. It is a sort of knee-jerk, instinctual reaction.

Listening takes courage and lots of it, just like a good conversation.


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March 14, 2013 at 8:29 am

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