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Trump is the Id of the Republican Party

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I thought he was a joke. He is—and he is also pure emotion.


“We’re all fired.”

Freud’s “id” was the part of the psyche responsible for uncoordinated instinctual trends. That is also a fair description of Mr. Donald Trump.

If you listen to Trump’s actual words at all, you don’t come away thinking “This man is rationale and thoughtful.” Instead, you come away with an emotional response:

I hate him.


I love him.

Though likely capable of rationale discourse, he would likely choose not to engage in that direction. His traveling theater has always been about emotion and first impressions. Trump says the bias-first stuff that people think before they have actually considered their response. That’s why the media cannot quit him. He’s the clown people cannot stop watching—the guy who keeps poking himself in the eye and lighting his hair on fire.

And—unfortunately—we love it. He’s the perfect foil for our entertainment-obsessed drive to national office.

Our nation deserves a Trump in this race.

Our nation will not survive a Trump in office.


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