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The Francis Effect

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Check out The Economist on Francis as turnaround CEO at RC Global:



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April 20, 2014 at 10:40 am

Pope Francis Tango: Simplicity, Poverty, Rigor

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Messaging that Walks Then Talks


I’m not a Roman Catholic sort of guy, still I find myself drawn to the early descriptions of this tango-driven, Argentinian man-for-the-poor Pope. His actions—catching a crowded mini-van to dinner, hoisting his luggage while paying his hotel bill, crowding into elevators and stairways with everyone else—illustrate some new thing. This new thing looks closer to people and sympathetic rather than distant, academic (in the fusty, out-of-touch sense) and authority-driven. The Roman Catholic Church remains an immense hierarchy with all sorts of problems, but this new thing looks positive.

I like that he wants the organization to get back to evangelism. That seems like he is peering into the right well, looking back at the roots. If he had asked me about repositioning the church (still waiting for the call), I could point in no better direction.

Of course, all sorts of bad, coercive, manipulative, openly evil things have been done under the guise of evangelism. But at its best—and it gets hard to strip away the muck accumulated over centuries—Christ’s message of redemption carried by people who are themselves changed, is transformative.

So. Bravo for pointing back to the roots, Pope Francis.


Image credit: John Stark via Frank T Zumbachs Mysterious World

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March 15, 2013 at 9:50 am

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