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George Trow: On a Reporter’s Appropriate Subjectivity

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Subjectivity is part of the human condition

I dislike all talk about “bias” and “lack of objectivity” in a reporter. He is there to clue you in to his best assessment, his reading of the code of events. He has no way to be objective (other than not to have a personal stake in the argument); he doesn’t know the real facts; or if he does, it’s so rare as not to be worth the mentioning. He can’t read Arafat’s mind , or Assad’s, or anybody’s. In a way, what you value most about him or her is his or her appropriate subjectivity; his or her feel for events.


Trow, George W. S. My Pilgrim’s Progress (NY: Vintage Books, 1999) 42

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July 22, 2014 at 8:36 am

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