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BFF Rodman & Kim Jong Un. Let’s Not Mention “Tyrant”

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“I Declare” and Other Tool Tools

north-korea-rodman-jong-un-03052013Dennis Rodman can declare Kim Jong Un a great guy, but that doesn’t make it so. Sadly, Rodman’s declaration will change our perceptions, if ever so slightly. Is Kim Jong Un a great guy? Well here’s what we know for sure since the third-generation has taken the reigns:

Our administration takes Rodman as a joke or a tool, which seems reasonable. Perhaps the whole odd friendship is a publicity stunt, though it is unclear who won this stunt. My hunch is the winner is not Rodman.

But…is Kim Jong Un a great guy? Maybe if you overlook how he continues to starve, beat and abuse his population into submission. Maybe if you overlook how he and his family have turned the entire country into their personal economic engine. Maybe if you overlook how he seems OK with generations of injustice that perch his family at the top.

Maybe then you can see Kim Jong Un as a great guy.


Image credit: Time

Written by kirkistan

March 5, 2013 at 8:31 am

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