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Collaboration as the new metric for evaluating employee success


A sponsored topic in MedCity News presents the CEO of Eli Lilly and Company as bravely moving forward with emotional intelligence. Dr. John Lechleiter cited the need for more collaboration between universities and industry. Lechleiter sees the “…primary function of Indiana’s great research universities is to assist with tech transfer, to bring products…to the society to which they owe their existence.”

While I disagree with that as the primary function of any university (I’m of that old-fashioned tribe that believes learning and research need not always lead directly to a pot of gold), I respect the impetus to find practical outlets for learning.

The brave bit of emotional intelligence is where Lechleiter says Lilly will use a new metric for gauging employee success:

He called businesspeople to task on the lack of collaboration as well. He said that a new measure of an employee’s accomplishments at Lilly would be how many collaborations the person fostered within the state.

That’s radical stuff—and scary—for managers and employees who know only how to bludgeon underlings with orders and monologue. Success will require a whole new tool set, with dialogue anchoring the daily practice.

Lechleiter’s is an attractive stance for a smart, innovative workforce that has grown up with having their voice heard.

Lord You Can’t Go Back There

Minnesota drug lords/pharma execs, students and medical innovators, please disregard this post.

Minnesota wants you (unless you are an outlaw poet).


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October 24, 2012 at 9:32 am

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