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Can We Talk About Incontinence Now?

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You are running a clinical trial and you need to build up the base of patients participating in the trial. Let’s say the trial is for an innovative incontinence product.

Along with the traditional tools and methods for recruiting patients, you set up a social media strategy that includes an editorial calendar for a set of blog posts—an awareness campaign. Your want the blog to become a destination or an RSS feed. Part of your strategy is to regularly discuss findings from current research into incontinence, methods for treating the condition and general information (minus claims and promises) about the research you are actually recruiting for. Naturally you include the requisite regulatory, legal and privacy caveats, along with the full disclosure information that helps build authenticity. This is how the conversation starts.

Start a Twitter account so that as new blog posts come on line, people are led to them. But the Twitter account also opens a way for passing along other information that is relevant to the audience. Because it isn’t just information you are passing. You are passing on humanity. One of your primary tasks is to present a human voice. A human voice is authentic, knowing and wins reader’s loyalty. You also have a Facebook account—you want to be easy to find.

Pretty standard stuff. Key to the endeavor is creating and managing content with an eye on making it searchable and accessible for the right patients. Also key is providing a service to those patients in need by passing on useful information.

What other elements would you include?


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November 11, 2009 at 10:52 pm

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