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Does Social Media Provide Too Big a Reveal?

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What will be your single most embarrassing moment?

What will be your single most embarrassing moment?

My industrial client sees the logic behind building a community of interest around the technology and processes they expertly provide. But building community means sharing information—and that’s problematic. This client’s industry is rife with corporate espionage, where one small step ahead of the competitor is a huge win. So they want to share their innovation story but they don’t want the information spigot open too wide.

Rather than ask if holding back information is contrary to sharing information (seems like it is), a better approach is to start sharing and see how much dialogue can happen before the sharing gets too vulnerable. The process is not that different from any relationship: you let yourself be known, you get to know someone in return. That’s how we’ve all built the relationships which have become rock solid cornerstones for life on this planet.

The alternative is to continue to hold back the necessary ingredients for building relationships with would-be brand loyalists. Silence in a room gradually filling with talkers will eventually remove you from the game entirely.


Written by kirkistan

September 23, 2009 at 2:45 pm

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